Lesson Plan 2

High School Science Lesson Plan

Course Title:   Earth Science

Lesson Focus:   Volcanoes and Other Igneous Activity/Mountain Building

Block/Instructional Time:   57 minutes/day, Week

Unit/Topic/Theme:   Forces Within

Standards:   Standard III Understand the structure of the Earth, the solar system, and the universe, the interconnections among them, and the processes and interactions of Earth’s systems.

Instructional Objectives:   Students will be able to:

  • Describe the major intrusive igneous features such as dikes, sills, and laccoliths, and how they formDescribe batholiths and how they form
  • Identify the factors that determine the strength of a rock and explain how rocks permanently deform
  • Distinguish among the types of stresses that affect rocks
  • Explain how isostatic adjustment is involved in mountain formation
  • List the three main types of folds
  • Identify the main types of faults
  • Describe folded mountains and fault-block mountains and explain how they form
  • Describe plateaus, domes, and basins and explain how they form

Language Objectives:   listening, reading, writing, speaking

Key Vocabulary:  

  • Pluton, sill, laccolith, dike, batholiths
  • Deformation, stress, strain, isostasy, isostatic adjustment
  • Anticline, syncline, monocline, normal fault, reverse fault, thrust fault, orogenesis, folded mountain, graben, horst, fault-block mountain

Accomodations:   shortened assignment for SPED students

Previous Learning Connections:   rock cycle

Time (m)

Anticipatory Set


 Review of Guided Reading/Reading Assignment- T: 295-305, W: 306-311, Th: 312-319


Direct Instruction/Modeling


 Lecture w/ Visuals- T: Intrusive Igneous Activity, W: Forces in Earth’s Crust, Th: Folds, Faults, and Mountains

Guided Instruction


Whole Group


Small Group

X Lecture Discussion


X Guided Reading T: 10.3, W: 11.1, Th: 11.2

Independent Practice


Practice Task(s)


Student/Teacher Conferring
X Assignments




Frontloading for next day


Formative (Check for Understanding) Summative
Assignments and Notebook Check Unit Test


Text(s) Materials
Prentice Hall Earth Science Projector, textbook, worksheets

I think I included too many instructional objectives at once and didn’t have enough behavioral objectives. At the same time students had trouble getting into the routine, I felt we could use more variety in instruction. Variety, more often than not, was implemented when technology would fail. I think students got more out of occasionally making posters and presenting to the class in groups than from reading and completing guided reading assignments day after day.


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