Management Plan

Classroom Management Plan

There are several classroom management techniques that I plan to use for my classroom. I will strive to keep students engaged in working with the content material. I will be clear on what I expect of students via syllabus, assignment objectives, and testing for objective mastery as well as behaviorally which will be continually reinforced. In order to make best use of class time, I will implement procedures and routines, start class immediately, and keep assignments posted. To keep class relaxed and pleasant while staying work-oriented, I will practice procedures, learn how to bring class to attention, and give a lot of praise and encouragement.

There are a few key areas I will work on to keep students engaged in their work with the content material. As I plan my lessons throughout the year, I will do my best to appeal to student interests and strengths. I will strive for a balance of lecture, hands-on/group activities and pair them with time for reflection via learning journals. I will look for more videos and manipulatives and share ideas with colleagues. I will prepare my room, my paperwork, and myself as outlined in Johnson’s Teaching Outside the Box. My classroom will be clean and organized and seating will vary to meet the requirements of the task at hand, sometimes arranged for group discussions and sometimes arranged in rows and columns for serious testing. Some of the strategies for keeping students engaged overlap with other aspects of classroom management.

I hope to be clear with students and parents from the start. An example syllabus is provided above where both students and guardians are expected to sign. I will write lesson plans with objectives aligned with state standards and do some backwards planning in order to teach the objectives I wish my students to master. The more experience I gain, the easier I expect planning to be. I hope to work more closely with a mentor teacher and spend a significant amount of time collaborating with colleagues. I will use a volume meter with at least three levels: silent, whisper, indoor voices. As the year progresses, I will expect students to take on more and more responsibility for their own learning as well as taking responsibility for helping our classroom run smoothly.

I will have routines for several different tasks. I will expect students to quietly enter room, take out the required materials and get to work immediately while I take roll and pass back papers. I will begin class with do-now activities that may vary based on grade level and content. I will designate the same place for individual class assignments to be posted in the same location every day and be sure to post assignments before students enter the room. A rotating homework collector will pick up assignments and place them in an appropriate bin. Students will be expected to work on their learning journals (usually write for 5 minutes on what they learned that day and if they had trouble understanding something) and wait to be dismissed with a friendly “Have a nice day,” or something else appropriate.

I can be firm while still being friendly and build rapport with students by expressing some of my personality in a professional manner. I will politely give firm directions and not take misbehavior personally. I will address discipline as Johnson suggests until I have more experience. First I will ignore minor offenses, then I will begin to use nonverbal messages and perhaps humor. If that doesn’t work, I will drop the student a friendly reminder note about behavior, then take student aside to speak directly if misbehavior persists and give them a behavior action plan form if necessary. If all else fails, I could create a contract with the support of administration, request help from counselor or other teachers, or find a way to remove student from my class. Many behavior problems can be avoided with procedures and I will allow students to save face. I can get the class’ attention by using a rain stick. To make sure students feel welcome and encouraged to keep trying, genuine praise is very important. I will focus on using praise frequently and giving specific praise. I will also make an effort to make more positive phone calls home than negative ones as I gain confidence with dealing with behavioral issues within my classroom.

I will continue to read and reflect and expect my philosophy to grow and change over time. However, I expect to keep focusing on proactive strategies to avoid misbehavior rather than relying only on rules, rewards, and punishments. There are many more details I would need to refine as I gain more experience and I feel like I have many resources to draw from. Books, articles, and people continue to influence me. I have learned so much in my year of teaching and from my year of reflection while continuing my Teacher Academy Program.


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