Higher Order Thinking

Integration of Higher Order Thinking Skills (7th-grade Math)

Observation Notes (What did you see?)

I mostly saw the lower levels of Bloom’s taxonomy: remember, understand, and apply rather than analyze, evaluate, and create. The work seemed more difficult (there was a lot of review) than complex. Instructions included: write, graph, match, find, and identify the relationship.

The work I saw today was individual. The whole class didn’t discuss things, the teacher asked questions and individual students answered. Review packets, notes, and extra credit assignments were all individual.

I did not see collaborative work. Sharing answers was discouraged. However, students could call on the teacher for help which some did by raising their hands or walking up to teacher.

The teacher elicited responses primarily by asking questions. During this period, most students waited to be called on after raising their hands. I suppose the assigned work could be viewed as a way of eliciting a response.

Reflection (What do you think? How will this affect your teaching?)

I think lower levels of Bloom’s taxonomy were emphasized because it was a middle school math class. I could incorporate easy higher level thinking and create wouldn’t be that appropriate for the content. There are many ways I could promote high order thinking.

Individual work does have its place. Seatwork can be good for short periods of time but I would like to break the class period up into shorter periods of time even if it is review. I would lean more towards having students ask three other students and consult resources before relying on teacher.

I would like to see more collaborative work. I would like to incorporate more collaborative work. There are ways, such as making sure each member of a group has something to be responsible for, to make sure all students are working.

I saw a lot of encouragement during this period. The class was big but most of the students were working most of the time so the questioning method was effective. Another method I would like to try to elicit responses would be a few minutes of journaling during closure, this would work well in math, science, and other subjects.


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